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Back at work @ ARC weds, now focusing on our Record Sale. June 11-26.  On our final night in Havana we had one of  our best meals of the trip (onionskin-thin swordfish carpaccio) at Mediterraneo Havana Restaurant.  Then a few jazz clubs,… read more >>


Today was a daytrip seventy-seven miles outside of Havana to Mantanzas.  We stopped at the beach along the way of course, but the real reason for the trip was a performance by Los Muñequitos de Matanzas. This folkloric dance, chorus and percussion group… read more >>

Havana Notes

Sometimes you need to get folks to pay attention.  And in old Havana, where the exquisite decay is compelling, a little 3d floor eatery, above, decorated their stairclimb in a way that got my attention. Not exactly archival.  Then again a joy… read more >>

Why Go To Cuba

Because the only thing someone needs on the plane is a guitar and the latest edition of the Merriam- Webster Dictionary. Because at the end of a meal at San Crystobal you are offered a cigar from a boutique grower, from their… read more >>

Cuba Music Week starts tomorrow!

Well after a year of planning, some of which panned out, Cuba Music Week is here.  The soft launch version is @, with a lnks and data complete version avail SATURDAY, MAY 14.  So there is a list of all that’s… read more >>

Cuba Music Week

Cuba Music Week — It’s a start!

This is the first post launching the Cuba Music Week Blog. From now until we create the webthing next May this is where we’ll be throwing out news and ideas and stories about Cuban music. Here’s a first look at the wallpaper… read more >>