Who Sampled Who?

Ten iconic Cuban samples and reworks
with links and brief description

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Once again the team at WhoSampled.com have clued is in to some audio appropriation of Cuban gems by your favorite popsters. It is a remarkable effort by the folks whose mission is to “Explore the DNA of music.”  A big thanks to Chris Read and the folks at WSW, the
research they do is stellar!

1.   Nightmares on Wax create ‘Thinking of Omara’with a sample from Omara Portuondo’s ‘LaSitiera’

Nightmares on Wax rework Omara Portuondo’s strings into a downbeat groove on ‘Thinking of Omara’.

2.  Jurassic 5’s ‘This Is’ sample of Los Van Van and Juan Formel’s ‘Llegue Llegue’

Hip Hop revivalists Jurassic 5 bring a dubby feel to Los Van Van.

3.  Fat Joe and Lil-Wayne make ‘The Profit’ using Miguelito Valdes’ ‘Quimbamba’

Miguelito Valdes forms an unlikely sample for Fat Joe and Lil Wayne’s high energy street raps.

4.  Kid Capri and Nas sample ‘Something’s-Gotta-Give’ by the Afro-Cuban-Band in ‘Soundtrack to the Streets’

New York hip hop veterans Kid Capri and Nas give a rugged mixtape feel to this Afro-Cuban Band sample.

5.  Cuban band Charanga 76 sample McFadden & Whitehead’s ‘Ain’t No Stopping Us Now’ on ‘No Nos Pararan’

Charanga 76 put a Latin spin on the McFadden & Whitehead Disco classic.

6. Sonora Matancera’s ‘Canto-a-Yemayá’ is incorporated into Bodega Bamz’s ‘Don-Francisco’

Bodega Bamz delivers raps over repetitive horn stabs from Sonora Matancera.

7. Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill, Celia Cruz and Jeni Fujita’s version of ‘Guantanamera’

Wyclef Jean and fellow Fugee Lauryn Hill enlist Celia Cruz for a reinterpretation of the Joseito Fernandez classic.

8. Buena Vista’s ‘Chan-Chan’ is sampled in the Pharcyde’s ‘Jealousy’

Underground hip hop favorites The Pharcyde put their spin on the Buena Vista Social Club classic.

9. Mellow Man Ace’s ‘Mentirosa’ samples Santana’s ‘Evil-Ways’

Cuba born rapper and Cypress Hill affiliate Mellow Man Ace samples Santana for some American-Latin flavour on 1989’s ‘Escape from Havana’.

10. ‘Que Te Hace Pensar’ by Benny More appears in Group Home’s ‘Baby Pa’

A brief passage from Beny More’s ‘Que Te Hace Pensar’ appears in an interlude from this DJ Premier produced 90s hip hop classic.