Beyond preservation ARC offers a variety of research services to the entertainment industry and the general public.

  • Research. Simple informational research requests are free for everyone, while we charge for detailed research.
  • Consulting. ARC brings expertise and care to any research, factchecking or find project involving film, publishing or recordings.
  • Become a Research Member. ARC provides a wide variety of research services. Research Memberships are primarily for the press and entertainment industry. Rates and a client list are here.
  • Scanning. ARC safely scans books and can make hi-resolution scans of record cover and related artwork.
  • Loans. ARC will loan copies of sound recordings to copyright holders, artists, publishers and record companies. We also loan materials for exhibition.
  • Appraisals. ARC staff can offer professional appraisal services for music collections of all sizes and mediums, from all eras and cultures for insurance purposes, estate planning, selling, donating to an institution or the IRS.
  • Use our space. Entertainment and educational entities can rent the ARC. We have a large room available for events, parties, lectures, exhibitions, film location shoots and workshops.
  • Clients. We have listed many of the clients who have used the ARC for research, as well as some of the projects we have worked on.
  • Links. Links lead you to professional and fun sites we use and enjoy and Forex trading.