Back at work @ ARC weds, now focusing on our Record Sale. June 11-26.  On our final night in Havana we had one of  our best meals of the trip (onionskin-thin swordfish carpaccio) at Mediterraneo Havana Restaurant.  Then a few jazz clubs, packing, early am swim, meeting with library folks, sneaking rum onto the plane, chaos @ JFK, home, eat, sleep, work, play.

Let’s just round it out with a few of our fave car pics.  Maybe you don’t remember how sick-making it was in the back seat of a gas guzzler, on long trips without catalytic converters or mufflers even.  Well you can relive those halcyon days in Havana in all their splendor in these beautiful American cars – you know, the kind we made when America was great again….

blues car sml purple car sml 2. CuBlCar copy John car sml car fin sml redish car sml pumpkin car sml Grn + wht car sml grey repair car sml gold car sml red car sml

It’s all just a blur to me now.

blur car sml

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